Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If In Doubt. Bake a Cake.

I used to work at a bakery , so cakes will always have a soft spot in my heart. Here are some of my favorite cakes around the blogs right now.

This frosting free cake spotted on Martha Stewart is just simply striking.

SWOON is all I got to say about this pink ruffle cake spotted on Ruffled Blog. Melanie from My Sweet and Saucy did a tutorial for this ruffle cake here.

I think this purple ombre {a french term meaning "shaded". Usually a mulicolored stripe, with color graduating from light to dark} cake would be perfect for a spring wedding.
The cake is by Maggie Austin Cake from Postcards and Pretties spotted on Evie Shaffer's pinterest.

This cake from Sprinkle Bakes was inspired by the Crown Jewel Cake {a.k.a Broken Glass Cake} that was first spotted on the back of Jello's boxes in the late 1950's. The recipe looks complicated, but I would love to give this a try sometime with a friend {I always like to try complicated recipes with a friend, so it'll at least be fun even if the result is a disaster}.

I wouldn't mind this whimsy cake for my next birthday {What do you think Vivien?}.
The cake is by Nine Cakes from 100 Layer Cakes spotted on Victoria's pinterest.

You're probably not surprise that I love this cake {if you are, please take a look at my blog banner}. Not only am I in love with this cake, but I'm also in love this whole wedding on a strawberry farm. Swoon Swoon Swoon!!

Do you have a favorite recipe? Please share. I used to baked a lot, but I haven't been baking much lately due to busyness. I'm hoping to change that soon, especially since my husband recently made a very tempting offer. He promised to do all the cleaning every time I bake as an incentive for me to start baking again.


  1. So many beautiful cakes this morning! They look too beautiful to cut into! My favorite being the Nine Cake :)

  2. love that maggie austin cake! i'm swooning over the ruffles!

    oh, and i'm SO HAPPY you received your letterpress machine! :) share some of your results! i definitely want to get better at it, but i can't find the time right now! grr!

  3. I've loved that print ever since I first laid eyes on it. It's something I tend to follow quite often. Very nice selection of cakes here! I'll have to look some of them up. I love everything about the strawberry wedding, too!

  4. the ombre cake is sheer brilliance!

  5. That is definitely a rule I subscribe too! Baking calms me. : )

  6. I love that quote. It rings true too. I love to bake (to loud girl pop music, for shame!) and then give the baked goods to everyone around me.
    That ruffled cake is really something!

  7. im also baking as my leisure!.... thanks for posting it inspires me..... im posting about my cake creations too. hope you can passby at my blog... thanks alot! cheers to all home bakers!

  8. we had our wedding reception at strawberry farms golf club too! loved the venue and the quaintness of the barn.


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