Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In this very moment

Made some phone calls and send out some emails that makes me feel like I'm one step closer to pursuing my passion for designing and styling weddings today.

How I almost burn my kitchen down

Long story short about the kitchen fire incident, I tried to make some pumpkin cupcakes the day after thanksgiving. I some how broke off the knob for the the oven temperature. I thought I had turn the knob to about 350, but I guess I must have turned it a lot higher than that. About 5 minutes after putting the cupcakes in, my crazy smoke alarm went off and my condo started filling up with smoke. I ran to the kitchen and open the oven, and there was a small fire at the bottom of my oven and my pumpkins cupcakes were burned {even though the inside was still running}. Yah the rest was kinda blurry because I freaked out like a crazy maniac {wouldn't you if there was a fire in the oven}. My down stair neighbor son heard the fire alarm and came up. I don't know what he did {because I was running around looking for my cell phone to call 911}, but he some how put out the fire. The sweet guy was trying really hard not to laugh, because I was borderline crying. The end.

The stupid broken knob.

You can't really tell due to the lovely effect of the Polaroid, but here are my burned pumpkin cupcakes.

On a happier note, I successfully made my first sweet potatoes casserole.

For the actual Thanksgiving meal, I was responsible for bringing sweet potatoes casserole. I made The Pioneer Woman {my hero in the kitchen} Soul Sweet 'Taters {it was quite yummy}.

I couldn't decide on a topping so I made both. I think I prefer the pecan topping.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Every little girl need this for their room.

Am I too old to buy this? I am seriously contemplating either buying it for myself, or putting it on my Christmas list?

You can purchase these rocking posters by clicking here.

My personal favorite out of the four.

Spotted on dearscarlet.tumblr.com {one of my favorite blog to follow}.

The Kerstetter Clan

I am back from my unintentional blogcation. Last week my husband had to make a trip to the ER due to some major chest pain {doctor don't have exact cause, but all signs point to stress}. That was one of the scariest moment of my life. So I was really ready for some major family time.

I am an only child, so I make sure to married into a big family. My husband is one out of four boys. Both of my older brothers in law live in Colorado with their wife {I"m trying to change that and move them all back to Texas}. They come and visit us every other holiday {either Thanksgiving or Christmas}, so I was extremely thankful that we get them for Thanksgiving this year.

Now, I introduce to you The Kerstetter Clan.

Candid picture while waiting for Russell {the oldest brother} to set up the self timer on his camera.

All the siblings. This is as close to your typical family portrait as we get.

Ladies of the house.

Mommy and Daddy K

Russell and Denise

Brad and Bethany

My hubby {doing his blue steel pose} and I

Hubby and I with Glenn {our baby brother} guest starring Russell. We had to do a few retake for the formal family picture because I can't stop laughing out loud.

Mr.Darcy our dog

I"ll blog about how I almost burn my kitchen down and my near disaster post Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Happy Monday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

My projects for this weekend!

From spare books to beautiful shelves. This will be for my new work space/dinning room/office area in my condo. I love repurposing objects around my condo. It's my favorite kind of project, so I instantly fell in love with this project when I spotted on Real Simple {one of my favorite magazine}.

You can find the full instructions for this project by clicking here.

Next project on the list.

I've been shopping around for a chandelier for about a month, but that ended when I spotted this awesome diy straw cluster chandelier on Design Sponge blog {best blog ever!!!}. Words can not express how happy I was when I saw this project. My original budget for a new or used chandelier was around $75, but with this project I have spent less than $10 so far {not including light source}. I can't wait to post more about it next week.

You can find the full instructions for this project by clicking here.

Happy friday everyone!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy girls are the prettiest

This is something my grandmother always taught me when I was growing up. Her last question to me was "Are you happy?". It has been about 5 years since she passed away, but I still think of her daily. It is with out a doubt that she is the one most influential person in my life.

image via Pinterest.

I went jeans shopping yesterday at T.J Maxx, but things got depressing. So I wandered into the shoes aisle. Everything suddenly got happier. Especially when I found these cute Madden Girl booties for $19.99
{this is why I"m obsessed with T.J Maxx}.

For those of you that know me personally, you're probably wondering what am I doing with those heels. Don't worry, before taking the tag off I walked around my condo last night for a good 30 minutes to make sure my feet can handle them.

I will also not attempt to be artistic when it comes to taking pictures in the future. I accidentally knock them off my balcony after this shot. I had to run down and then run around the corner in my pajamas to get them. Luckily all my neighbors are already at work or still asleep.

I also picked up some Turkish Delight while waiting in line. T.j Maxx is smart with their set up. I almost always picked up something in their waiting aisle.

I'm giving it another week before I go jeans shopping again. Sighs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The perfect dress for a fall wedding

My mouth dropped to the floor as soon as I saw this dress on Apartment 34 blog. Nontraditional wedding dress always has a special place in my heart {especially this one}. I really love how the lace details really match the fall foliage.

You can see the rest of the wedding and more pictures of this stunning dress here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday hair how-to: the side chignon

Full instructions here.

I want to attempt this for Thanksgiving, but I'm not too hopeful with my thick black layered Asian straight hair.

Image and instructions from This is glamorous. <- one of my favorite blog.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gobble gobble

You and I...

Let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France

{I wouldn't mind one for my self and the hubby either}

{Getting a house in the South of France might be a little unrealistic, but a vacation there is totally do able? right? One day...}

Let's get rich and give everyone nice sweaters
and teach them how to dance

{How adorable is this first dance?}

Homes in South of France via Apartment Therapy
Frist dance via Pinterest

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hi Holly!

I went shopping yesterday for a new wreath, but I couldn't find anything I like. So I decided to make my own. This wreath was inspired by my friend Amanda Christmas ribbon wreath. You can see the tutorial for her Christmas ribbon wreath here.

p.s Don't you love my red door? I am slightly obsessed with my red door, enough that I want a red door for all the houses that I will live in for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little Sparkle to brighten you day

This outfit right here is pretty much what I want my whole fall wardrobe to look like.

I am willing to eat ramen for two weeks straight to buy this jacket, but unfortunately I don't think the mister will be willing to make that sacrifice. So for now, I will just stalk Anthropologie daily until this jacket goes on sale, then it shall be mine!

Spotted on Curly in the City.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cardboard Safari

I am head over heels for these cardboard animals right now. I am thinking about purchasing Buck Jr. and Eyan Jr. to put above my fire place mantle right now. What do you think?

Check out the rest their unique cardboard home decor here.