Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to throw a party: cute name cards idea

I'm a huge fan of party favors. I also have a thing for multiple purposes object in party decor. That is why I love love love the potted plants with the name card above spotted on Caroline Armelle's blog. It would be such a sweet party favor and a creative way to display the name cards {or you can use it as place cards}. I can also see using the potted plant as part of the table decor.

You can find the diy tutorial for the cute place cards/name cards on Caroline Armelle's blog. What do you think of party flavors? and what do you think of multiple purposes object in party decor?

All photos from Armelle's blog.

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  1. I love Caroline's creativity. And I agree, multi-purpose decor is the best! :)


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