Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monochromatic Bridesmaid Bouquets

I am in love with monochromatic bridesmaid bouquets. I think monochromatic {sticking to one color or color family} bouquets look so lush and beautiful.

I love these yellow bridesmaids bouquets with daffodils, double tulips, fringe tulips and billy balls.

I love that Carissa Jones {she's one of my designs guru/super star} from JL Designs finished each bouquet with a different combination of trims and buttons.

Don't you love these mix and match monochromatic bouquets? I absolutely love them. I think it would really make each of the bridesmaids feel special to have each of their bouquets different than the others.

Yellow bouquets - JL Designs' blog {Photos by Mr.Haack}, White bouquets - Southern Weddings {photos of top row by J.Malay Photography, second row by Trisha Lerit}, Purple bouquets - 100 Layer Cake {photos by Sarah Yates}.


  1. I LOVE BILLY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. definitely a fan. love the ones by Carissa Jones!

  3. i never thought of mixing up bouquets like that. what a great idea!

  4. @ Vivien - I love billy balls too!!

    @ Megan - You need to check out Carissa Jones. I think you would love her as much as I do {which is a lot}.

    @ Amy and Justine - I"m so glad y'all like the idea too!!


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