Monday, April 4, 2011

Childhood memories and laughters.

We finally got internet over the weekend. Whoooohoooo {doing a celebration dance}!! This weekend was pretty wonderful. We had two weddings on Saturday, and they both had some of my favorite details to date and they were both at two of my favorites venues.

Wedding number one was a morning wedding with a brunch and mimosa reception {yum!} at the Aldredge House in the historical Swiss Avenue District of Dallas. It was an eclectic wedding with a touch of vintage. I seriously can't wait to share more from this wedding. I had the best time ever setting up this wedding. It was pure fun!!

The second wedding was at the charming Flour Mill in Mckinney. It's a brand new venue and it is already on the top of my favorite venues list.

My mom also came back from Viet Nam over the weekend and brought back the best kind of presents. One of the biggest material lost I've had is a huge albums of my old baby pictures. I lost it during a move from California to Texas about 10 years ago. Well because I am so blessed, my mom found an album of old pictures of her and my 5th birthday during this trip. I am so excited to get to share this with y'all.

My mom with her best friend, who she is still best friend with. They've been best friends for about 40 years {I can't wait to grow old together with my best friends}. They were 17 in this picture.

My mom when she was 15. Now y'all know where I got my round face from.

There wasn't a date behind this picture, but we're guessing she's 17 in this picture.

My mom at 17. Isn't she beautiful. This is one of my favorite picture of her.

This was at my mom 16th birthday party. The boy in the left corner was my mom first crush and boyfriend. They went on two dates before he moved to Canada. They're still friend.

These pictures below are from my 5th birthday. I counted at least 3 different outfits change. Hahahaha.

My mom and I. This picture makes me melt a little {I love you, mom!!}.

Outfit number one.

Outfit number 2. I remember {or at least, I was told} hating this dress. It was frilly, itchy, and extremely hot.

This is my uncle. He is a pretty special man. He pretty much raised me. I am an uncle girl. He took me to school every day and would save up his pay check to buy me school supplies. Every Saturday night when I was little he would let me stay up late and watch American movies with him {with out my mom knowledge oh course, because we mostly watched action movies}. When I'm sad he would take me out and drive me around the city at night. Those are some of my favorite childhood memory. I can not begin to express the gratitude I have for him. I love you, Cau Tu!!!

Third outfit and also my favorite. You might be wondering why is there a Christmas tree when it is August {check out the date in the upper right hand corner}. Apparently for my 5th birthday, I wanted a Christmas party according to my mom. I think I was pretty spoil as a child.

P.s My mom told me that the reason why I didn't smile wide {like I usually do} in all of my birthday pictures is because apparently I was missing my 4 front teethes.

The best present of all is the picture below.

This is my grandma when she was 24 {that's how old I'm turning this year}. My grandma is one of the most influential people in my life. She taught me what matter most in life and how to give and give again. After a full and long day of work {3am - 6pm} 3 days a week she would teach the girls in our neighborhood who couldn't afford to go to school {there are no public school in Viet Nam} how to sew and mend so that they have a way to make a living. I missed her dearly and every time I laugh, I would think of her. She also taught me how to laugh and really live and not be afraid to pursue my passion. One of the thing my mom, my aunt and I have in common is our laughters. We laugh a lot and and we laugh really loud. We all got that from my grandmother.


  1. AMY! So, so, so precious! What a wonderful mom you have. Presents like that are completely priceless. Love the photos of your mom growing up and seeing you as a cute little kiddo!

  2. WOW! You should write a kidding. Love the pics and the memories.


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