Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crooked Stove Top

Why the name Crooked Stove Top? Is pretty simple, my stove top is crooked {and slanted}. At first cooking was a challenge, because everything would lean to one side and you have to move the pots and pans around for a little bit till you find a good spot. You also have to keep turning the pan every 5 minutes or so if you're frying or grilling something, because one side cook faster than the other. You think it would drive me crazy, well it did at first. But with time having a crooked stove top kind of taught me to embrace the imperfections in life. It could be quite beautiful. I think our crooked stove top will be a fun memory from our first home together for the hubby and I later on in life.

A few imperfections that I find beautiful.

A perfect example of embracing imperfections from Apartment Therapy.

I love the idea of using those imperfect wood planks as art from Design Sponge.

I love love this natural rough and uncut diamond ring from Janish Jewels {spotted on Oh, hello friend}.

the stove top is from Crumpled Envelope {sent to me by my friend Stefanie}


  1. love the blog name explanation and photo! p.s. i just read your adorable bio on the branching out events site and i love what you put down to describe yourself. my fave is the fact that you got kicked out of class in high school for being....well, yourself. hahaha! love your laugh amy!

  2. Love the ring - so eclectic and different!



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