Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love you too, Mr.Darcy!

What I"m about to share with you, will soon {waiting till my next pay check} be one of my most favorite thing to own in the world!! Pride and Prejudice is one of my most favorite book {I love the movies too}, so when I saw this mug on Kyoko tumblr I kind of went crazy!!!!! I remember seeing the mug and made an extremely high pitch noise and things seriously got blurry for the next 10 minutes because I was in pure la la land over the joy of this discovery. Are you ready for it?

I am in full blown SWOON mode. You can get this mug {best mug ever!!} along with other lovely Jane Austen inspired creations from this delightful {and totally awesome} etsy shop, Brookish.

Also check out this Pride and Prejudice inspired shoot over at Grey Likes Weddings. This was the first thing I woke up to in my google reader this morning and I seriously couldn't be more excited to be awake.


  1. oh my.... I think I have to have this.

  2. aww! haha, that's so awesome! glad you found the best mug, ever!!! :) too cute.


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