Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Rant #1

Before you continue reading... I must warn you, I"m feeling a bit dramatic.

I find this picture so beautiful and so perfect for how I'm feeling right now. I"m honestly completely overwhelmed. I started an internship this week. An unpaid internship, but that don't matter. In just a matter of hours, I got to see a potential glimpse into a dream I've been nursing for so long. Taking on an unpaid part time internship was a bit tough financially, but it seriously drove some lightning through me. I makes me want to pray harder, work harder and dream harder. It makes me realize that this is not gonna be a quick and easy road. It also confirmed to me that with hard work and determination, I can make this dream a reality. Have I told you yet? Have I told you that I want to be a wedding stylist? I want to create the most inspired day that celebrates life, love and marriage.

My mom think I'm crazy for committing to this unpaid internship, but at the same time I think it finally hit her how badly I want this.

I found some inspiration tonight from my friend Stefanie Miles tweet.
"There is more inside you than you dare think" - David Brower

I spotted the picture on WishWishWish.


  1. amy, friend, your determination combined with your passion makes you unstoppable. so excited for you! love, lauren kelly

  2. Lauren- you have truly blessed me in so many ways. Thank you for your encouragement and support!!!!

  3. love this post a lot, neat to see the exciting things that have unfolded since then!!


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