Saturday, December 11, 2010

On a Night Like This

On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes
He is one of my new favorite artist. His voice just sooth my soul.

This weekend has been one adventure after another. I started my Friday post around 8 in the morning, but couldn't get around to posting it. I decided to save that post for this next Friday and share with you my weekend adventures instead. Happy Monday!

On Friday, I got to help with a photo shoot at the oh so awesome Ghost Bar in Dallas.

Isn't this just the most amazing view of downtown Dallas? Did I also mention that we got the whole place to ourselves for two hours. It was a blast.

A self portrait in the elevator wearing my favorite polka dotted cardigan from Target.

After the photo shoot, I ran home and got ready for a girls night with two of my bestie.

We ate at the new Mama Pita Mediterranean restaurant at the Shops at Legacy.

{I seriously love you Neena!}

{Oh the adventures and memories we share Bekah. I love you!}

After dinner we walk around and enjoy some beautifully lights. I really do wish they keep the Christmas lights year round. Wouldn't that be lovely?

We got the munchies for some desserts. Well it turn out it was mostly me, who got the munchies because I was the only one that ordered desserts. Yes, both those plates are mine. Yes, I did share.

On Saturday, I got to set up a holiday party with Branching Out Floral and Event Design.

I love the modern decor that matches the modern architecture of the house that was hosting the holiday party.

On Saturday night, I got pretty sick. I had a 102 fever and threw up everything I had consume that day. I was glue to my couch under my blanket on Sunday in between trips to the bathroom. It was so frustrating to be sick, but it was a blessing at the same time. Being sick forced me to rest and just take it easy which is something I don't do too often. The picture above is my hubby saying "Look, I got you flowers to cheer you up" when he got home from his Walmart trip to pick me up some Gatorade. Isn't he sweet!!!


  1. Kristin-

    Thank you so much for actually reading my blog. It seriously mean a lot since I absolutely adore your blog and you.

    Amy :)


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