Thursday, December 9, 2010

May your holidays be filled with love and whimsy

On Monday I got the pleasure of inviting Vivien from the Eclectic Life {her blog is pretty awesome and so is she} along with her hubby Jon and one of our mutual friend Kimmy over for a small intimate dinner. I love love love dinner parties {especially small intimate ones}, but it also mean I got to do some major cleaning around our condo. Due to poor time management since my condo was a lot messier than I thought, I didn't have as much time to plan the table setting as I like. In the last 15 minutes before people would start arriving I scramble around my condo and manage to put something together.

I ended up loving the table scape, especially since I was able to put it together in 15 minutes. I used a footed bowl vase {any low or short wide vase will do} and filled it with red and gold ornaments I got from Walmart. The tea light candles are from Ikea. I used two different set of plates and fabric napkins from Target {my happy place}. I'm all about mixing and matching dinnerware.

This is my absolute favorite detail of this whole table scape. Since the table scape was pretty simple, I wanted to add a touch of something extra special and in this case whimsy. For the fabric napkin, I tied it with a skinny red ribbon {if only I had some red baker twine} and attached to each napkin was a free printable hand drawn gift tag from Eat Drink Chic. Aren't you just dying over that gift tag. I am head over heals in love with it.

My wonderful dinner guests and the hubby.

I made sloppy joe, mash potatoes and grilled asparagus.
I got the recipe for sloppy joe and mash potatoes from the Pioneer Woman blog.

The girls. {Please excuse the double chin and squinty eyes. They always make an appearance when I get super excited.} It was an evening filled with laughter, food, friends and some great conversations. My hubby is usually not a people person {it takes time for him to warm up to people, and once he does he is the most loving and loyal friend you'll ever have} and as soon as our new couple friends was out the door, his first words were "I like them", I considered that an extremely successful night.

Also, check out some more fun and major table scape over at Between Naps on the Porch blog. I"m linking this up to their Table scape Thursday party. I first heard about this from my friend Amanda {The Ivy Cottage Blog}, and I have love the idea ever since.


  1. It looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful evening! Your husband sounds a little like mine.

    Enjoy the season,


  2. What a wonderful evening for all. The table is so pretty - simple and festive. I love those little tags and adding them to the napkins.

  3. so beautiful! I love your photos, what camera/settings did you use?

  4. @ Vittle me this -
    Hey Jessica, I took the pictures with my HTC hero phone with the FX camera app. I absolutely love it! It turn my bad photography skill into lovely pictures like those above.

  5. Amy! We are so complimented by this sweet blog post. You and Scott did a great job hosting. We truly felt special and well thought of when we saw the table arrangement, decorations and your awesome house. Thanks so much for having us over!

  6. I absolutely adore your tablescape! So very charming!

  7. I always find that no matter how far ahead I begin to organize for a party, I'm still flying around right up until the time the doorbell rings. I'm thrilled that you are making the effort to entertain your friends with a lovely dinner party. You are so ahead of the game at your tender age. The art of gracious entertaining is going to depend on thoughtful young women like you. Great job! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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