Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on

Currently on repeat right now is Christmas Lights by Coldplay

My hubby and I finally got to go shop for our Christmas tree this past Sunday night. We were debating between getting a real tree or a fake one. We ended up going for a real one, because it was at the moment cheaper and I thought we should try it out as least once as a married couple. We ended up falling in love with our tree and agreed to continue to do so each year.

We just went to one of those Christmas tree lot that usually set up in some random empty field. It was FREEZING and I did not have any gloves on, so it only took us about 10 minutes to find our tree. All in all, it was a really fun experience and I can't wait to do this with our kids in the future and make it tradition.

The under 5 ft trees corner was my favorite area.

I thought this tree was super cute mainly because it was shorter than me.

Hubby and me.

We found our tree!!!!!! It's a pretty awesome tree, and just for $30 too.

We set the tree up as soon as we got home, but didn't start decorating it till tonight. I can't wait to put all of our ornaments up.

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