Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Handmade Southern Wedding

I came across Hannah and Chas wedding on Pinterest about a month ago and I have fallen absolutely in love with the couple, the details, the people and especially the photographers. Each moment and detail of this wedding was captured by Alea Moore Photography. I find their photos so genuine that it seriously makes me feel the warmth and bliss of the moment in time that they had captured. Though I have never met Alea and Kim {the duo behind the photos} I can only imagine that they are just as genuine and sweet as their work.

I was on the fence about mixing and matching both colors and style when it came to bridesmaid dresses, but this wedding has totally sold me on it. It is just absolutely lovely!

How cute are they???? I am now on a hunt for those umbrellas.

I seriously wish that there was a time machine for me to hop into right now and go back to before Hannah and Chas wedding date to make friend with the couple, so I can be invited to their wedding. My heart is still swooning over the handmade details, the food, the square dancing and especially the people.

You seriously need to pop on over to Alea Moore Blog and check out the rest of this wedding. After that, you should also pop on over Southern Weddings Magazine blog and give them some major love and support.

P.s Can you believe we are only 10 days away from Christmas? I am looking forward to some major family time and quite a few food coma.

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  1. What an absolutely stunning bride! And I'm dying over the flower girl's boots!


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