Monday, January 24, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Good Morning!! I had a lovely weekend filled with catching up with all of my recently engaged friends. One of the first question I asked them regarding their reception is "Will there be dancing?". One day, I will share with you guys a the choreograph dance I had for my wedding. For now, I will share with you this special Youtube video that is very close to my heart. The video below is from the movie Can't Buy Me Love. I love love 80's movies. I sometime want to transport my self back to the 80's. Any who, the movie clip below is how I learned to dance {please don't judge}. It is really why I have a passion for dancing.

and yes, that is indeed Patrick Dempsey in all his glories.


  1. Nothing beats 80s flicks...nothing!

  2. Gotta love Can't Buy Me Love!!! Amy, we gotta do this dance at H or S's wedding alright? I'll be practicing. Great blog. Great you.


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