Sunday, February 13, 2011


This week was a combination of snow and sunshine here in Texas.

On Wednesday, it snowed! I made pancakes.

On Saturday, it was warm with lots of sunshine. I went to the Dallas Farmers Market to pick up some limes for a wedding we had today.

This was my first time at the Dallas Farmers Market and I think I'm in love. There was so much fresh produce. The prices were pretty decent and I love the fact that it was from local farmers. This is definitely gonna become one of my favorite things to do from now on.

I was tempted to get some beets, simply because they were so pretty. I ended up not getting them since I have never cooked with them before. Do you have a favorite beet recipes? Please share! I would love to purchase some beets the next time I go. They ought to taste good since they look so good right??

I did buy a watermelon though. They are my favorite. It was a bit over priced, but I can never resist a good watermelon. Since they were all the same price, I picked up out the biggest one.

Saturday night was date night. We originally wanted some sushi, but that was a bust. There was an hour wait, so we went to Razzoo's instead.

Today, we had a small wedding at the Old Red Court House. Debby {my boss lady} made one of my favorite bouquets so far. The bouquet had peonies, anemones, ranunculus, mini cymbidium orchids and hydrangea.

The shining star of that bouquet was definitely the anemones. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. What are you up to? I'm pretty excited!!


  1. love this post. it's chock full of visual beauties! 1) I'm so glad you and Scott had a date night. 2) That bouquet is SERIOUSLY gorgeous. 3)I LOVE the farmers market!

  2. or might be good beet recipes to try - i thought of you when i saw them! ;)

  3. @vivien - we should go to the Farmers Market together some time.

    @stefanie - thank you so much Stefanie! I'm gonna try both recipe. The kiss my spatula blog is so pretty. I go t hungry again {just had a big dinner} looking at all the pictures.


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