Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kerstetter Clan

I am back from my unintentional blogcation. Last week my husband had to make a trip to the ER due to some major chest pain {doctor don't have exact cause, but all signs point to stress}. That was one of the scariest moment of my life. So I was really ready for some major family time.

I am an only child, so I make sure to married into a big family. My husband is one out of four boys. Both of my older brothers in law live in Colorado with their wife {I"m trying to change that and move them all back to Texas}. They come and visit us every other holiday {either Thanksgiving or Christmas}, so I was extremely thankful that we get them for Thanksgiving this year.

Now, I introduce to you The Kerstetter Clan.

Candid picture while waiting for Russell {the oldest brother} to set up the self timer on his camera.

All the siblings. This is as close to your typical family portrait as we get.

Ladies of the house.

Mommy and Daddy K

Russell and Denise

Brad and Bethany

My hubby {doing his blue steel pose} and I

Hubby and I with Glenn {our baby brother} guest starring Russell. We had to do a few retake for the formal family picture because I can't stop laughing out loud.

Mr.Darcy our dog

I"ll blog about how I almost burn my kitchen down and my near disaster post Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Happy Monday.

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